Bagpodz=Supermarket In Style

I know that supermarkets are doing less plastic disposable bags and more “bring your own” these days and I was doing my homework about which bags to have ready in my trunk.  Then the pandemic happened and I kind of got away from it.  I am hoping we are on a trend of returning back to normal in small steps and maybe frequenting supermarkets will be on my task list more than lately.  Bagpodz is going to help you be ready for any of your shopping needs.  These are reusable bags made easy.  They are really compact and since you have multiple bags in the easy to carry in your purse “pod” you can handle whatever shopping needs come your way.

You can actually clip this to your shopping cart if you want to.  Could not be easier.  Bags come out super easy, right when you need them.  They are super light weight, easy to wash and literally contain any spills.  All you need to do is pull out bags one at a time when needed.  Loading them after washing again couldn’t be easier.  Just ball them up and pop them back in.  Shopping options include 5pks (various color options) for $24.95 and 10pks for $34.95.