Quick and Healthy Snacks

It’s tough enough to keep the kids under control. These healthy snacks are great for back to school or a mid-day snack for when you’re kids are home-schooling.


Sea Snacks

Sea Snacks are straight from Korea, where that K-Pop vibe has come about. These are authentic Korean snacks and the real deal. I like how they have a kimchi flavor, I’ve never seen that before. If your kids aren’t into seaweed for a snack, maybe you can get them with the k-pop angle.








Kodiak Cakes

I knew Kodiak Cakes from their pancake mix and especially from the fact that its high protein. Now they’ve expanded their line into protein balls, bites, and bars. I love the fact that especially with the graham crackers and bars are high in proteins well. The no bake-protein balls are a perfect baking project for the kids as they can’t screw up any no-bake baking.







Gimme Snacks

I love seaweed, and these guys have quite a few varieties. The wasabi is spicy and will wake you up while the avocado oil has a smoother taste that is great for a mid-day snack. I also love that they have sushi-style sheets so you can make your own sushi with the kids.








Just the cheese
The name makes the situation quite clear; It’s just the cheese. Wisconsin cheese toasted and cute, golden brown bars similar to what you perceive as a granola bar. They make great snacks, with only one ingredient, cheese.








Hab Drinks
Hab Drinks makes little tablets that make a quick fizzy drink and makes your water taste a bit better. They are small fingernail-sized but pack a bit of a punch. You throw a few in your water bottle, shake it around, and then have something that tastes a bit better than water. They are great to trick your kids into drinking water on a hot day.







Lasto Peanut Butter

I have no idea how they do this but this is so squeezable without the oily feel that usually comes through. It’s smooth and goes great on crackers but even better on ice cream. Please try this on ice cream as it’s life altering and amazing!







Kips granola bark
Kips Granola Bark makes these bite-size granolas that are a really healthy alternative to your average granola bar. Their bite-sized nature makes them easy to handle, and they are free of most allergens, which makes them an excellent idea for when the neighborhood kids come over.








I love these bars. Could it be because I love Hawaii? Could it be because I miss going to Hawaii and I feel some sense of kinship? No! It’s not just that, but it’s the fact that these bars are basically chocolate on chocolate and chocolate makes mama happy!











He’s super foods containing a ridiculous amount basically the best quality ingredients you could ever find. Sure they taste amazing, but I do love the fact that this is probably the healthiest damn snack I’ve ever seen. They have ingredients that I’ve never heard of in clusters that are basically filled with yummy goodness.







This Saves Lives

Celebrities Kristen Bell, Ryan Devlin, Todd Grinnell and Ravi Pate got together and figured out how to make snacks that are not only awesome tasting but really go towards helping charity.  They work towards fighting malnutrition which is clearly awesome.  So would you like a snack that tastes amazing AND helps kids?  Well this covers both.