A Couple More Covid Survival Items!

Sorry; I just keep acquiring these awesome items to help us through pandemic planning.  Check out some of my new favorites!

Copper Door Opener Tool: Fresh from Sophie Peridot is this awesome gadget to help you navigate through this scary and very germ filled world!  Germs are multiplying by the dozens and I just don’t know what I am even allowed to touch anymore at this point.  This multifunctional door opener will help you with door openings and the stylus rubber point tip is an asset at the ATM machine or basically any pin pad purchase system you come across.  It is also super pretty and has some bling on it!  You will hang this on your keys and wonder what you did prior to having one!

Noshinku Hand Sanitizer – ok this hand sanitizer smells so dang good I just don’t know what else to say.  This is 70% Ethyl Alcohol and totally organic.  I am adoring their Bergamot scent; infused with jojoba, rose hip, argan oil and more.  It also comes in this super slip spray packaging that you can legit throw in your pocket.  This is just magic in spray form.  Many purchase options available on their website.

Viteyes: ok so we are on tablets, phones, and virtual meetings more and more these days.  My kids are half in school half out and I’m a little worried about their exhausted eyes and the screen time.  Enter these awesome supplements and we may actually have less to worry about.  Their Blue Light Defender Gummies and Capsules will actually help protect your eyes from the blue light that computers, tablets and smartphones bring about.  Honestly; so many of us have computer based jobs anyhow and these are a breath of fresh air.  These are premium, quality vitamins by the way!  Also checking out their Tear Support Supplements.  These are packed with OMEGA 3’s, flaxseed, borage seed oil and turmeric.  Just one daily helps with your tear film and tear production!