Batik Boutique

It is always fun to explore new awesome options in housewares, apparel and accessories.  Batik Boutique is your go-to for all of this; such a different flair.  All of their items are authentic; handcrafted by Malaysian batik artisans.  If you check out their website you can find amazing and totally unique gift items for anyone on your current event list.

I was so thrilled with the box I received to check out in the world of housewares.  I just added their Homeware Gift Set to my dining room decor this week and couldn’t be happier.  We have (4) beautiful batik placemats and (4) batik coasters.  These are reversible for two totally awesome looks.  They are handprinted on 100% cotton and canvas.  A few color options as well; I have the tan but the other colors are awesome as well!

I also checked out their options in women’s/men’s apparel and face masks (sorry these don’t see to be going away anytime soon so we might as well have awesome quality options.  All of their items are top notch and amazing quality.  I just started Christmas shopping in July for a few VIP’s on my list.

Check them out for anyone on your list! Think work/family/friends!