Kultkid Premium Apparel For Kids!

We are in full swing summer here and I have this great line of kid’s apparel that you will adore for now, the fall and really forever!  Imagine never having to worry about stains on their clothes again?!?

KULTKID is this amazing and magical line of children’s apparel that has this awesome “urban streetwear” flair.  Everything is gender free;  these items work for everyone and the colors are simply amazing!  Each item is comfortable and a little oversized so they last longer!  No more “one season” to an outfit with this line! The pricing is really decent and they actually donate 5% of their profit to feed families in communities less fortunate than ours.

We were sent a few items from their N.E.R.D. line which like I mentioned earlier features Resistain fabric.  These are liquid and stain resistant.  This means your Sunday Sauce doesn’t bond to the fabric; I was immediately interested.  All you have to do is grab a tissue, dab up the stain and soak it up.  Then all you do is wash in your machine on gentle cycle and hang dry in the shade.  It is just that simple.  These garments repel water, rain, juice, smoothies, sauce, soup, ice cream and more.  The secret is dabbing up the stain, don’t rub it in.  We received an oversized tshirt ($36) and matching pair of high waisted biker shorts ($29) in mint and couldn’t be happier with the quality.  Super soft and the perfect fit to be loose and comfortable on even the pickiest of kids.  Other color options as well; you simply must try this line out for yourself.

Plenty of other great items as well like hats, socks, one-pieces, tanks and more!  Check them out!