You cannot go camping without AquaMini!

This summer we are taking our freedom back!  Summer is ours!  We are planning and booking family vacations like crazy!

I took the kids upstate for some “lake time” this weekend and I was thrilled to put my new AquaMini to the test.  The last thing I want to worry about in these crazy times is water so I was thrilled to have this great item show up on my doorstep.  We know that when we are at home we have filtered/bottled water with ease; but what happens when we are not at home??

AquaMini is a portable water filter that is so easy to use.  You simply connect it to a faucet and you are ready to go.  I literally told my husband it was so easy to use that I will be taking this everywhere with me going forward.  Even a hotel room you can have filtered water with simple ease.  Think RV trips, hotels, even college dorm rooms!  And you totally don’t have to worry; you can grab a replacement filter at any time!

Your family will have healthy, clean water and you aren’t destroying the environment with more unnecessary plastic bottle waste!  I’ll admit I was a little skeptical when I first opened the box because I don’t enjoy “projects” when I am away.  This was super easy and I was amazed with the quality.