Beauty & The Broth

In a world of us moving and shaking and basically living out of our cars…we know that we aren’t eating/drinking/living to our best ability.  I love me a great product that helps bring back some of those “missing elements”.

Beauty & The Broth is your “daily cup of glow”.  These are collagen rich bone broth concentrates that bring back the much needed beauty and wellness into your skin.

We are checking out both their Organic Beef Bone Broth and Chicken Bone Broth Concentrates.  Why concentrate? Because this is broth at it’s most potent.  This is slow simmered and most of the water is reduced out.  I have to mention – this is great for “on the go”.

Here is what I do: tear open the pouch and pour into my cup.  I then fill with water and microwave for a minute or two.  Then I begin sipping and head into my best life of shining skin, stronger nails, better hair, increased energy and more!  Pricing is based upon how many pouches you buy.  You can also subscribe and save so you never run out!  Couldn’t be easier; all you do is select your flavor and quantity and they deliver the pouches with a cup/lid right to your doorstep.  No more excuses to be healthier!  These are preservative free too; great shelf life!

Check them out!