Bedol Water Clock

Bedol Water Clock

I have a great new gadget that my whole family stopped to check out.  It isn’t often in today’s world of “technology, tablets etc” for us all to be “wowed” but we actually were.  And still are.  Our new and totally fabulous “Water Clock” from Bedol is a eco-friendly clock and alarm that runs completely on water power.  No batteries; no electricity necessary!  This may be my new friend during the upcoming and dreaded storm and hurricane season.  This is super easy to run; to start the clock you just fill up to to max line and re-cap.  Legit the instructions say it will run for months; I cannot wait to see!  To set the time, date and alarm you simply press the “set” button the designated amount of times and hit mode to raise the numbers up and down.  This clock is simply awesome: I am so impressed with how this thing is running by the ions in the water.  Basically the metal plates you see within the clock react to the water and keep the clock running and running.  For more information please visit:

They cost $26.00 and are teaching my kids a cool science lesson.  Oh and it comes in cute colors like green, purple, orange, charcoal and blue.

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