Toppik Hair Fibers

6411f85b-2079-485e-a35a-81d408b1e8d3Toppik Hair Fibers are magical dust! They are made of natural keratin fibers and when sprinkled in your hair they add volume and cover thinning areas. The fibers stick to your hair and look very natural.  The fibers come in nine different colors from black to white and many shades in between. I find when I use Toppik Hair Fibers I get greater volume and coverage. My hair is thin and a dark auburn so with my fair skin I always feel like my hairline and scalp stand out. I also find it great to cover my roots when I’m getting close to my next hair color appointment. It is very easy to use and a little goes a long way. You dust and then spray with hairspray. You can either apply directly from the shaker container or use the Toppik pump for a more precise application. Another great tool is the Hairline Optimizer which looks like a jagged comb. This allows for a more natural hairline instead of a wig line! I recommend using Toppik FiberHold spray as it makes the fibers adhere to my hair better, especially in wet weather.  All in all Toppik Hair Fibers are a necessity to me for hair styling.



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