El Yucateco Hot Sauce

If you like a little or a lot of heat in your food you will love trying out great sauces from El YucatecoThey call themselves the “King Of Flavor” and I have to whole-heartedly agree.  Their “Salsa Picante Verde” or “green” hot sauce is the #1 seller and my personal favorite.  We also enjoy “Salsa Picante Roja” or “red” hot sauce.  Great for BBQ (summer is here!) is their “Chipotle Hot Sauce” packed with a yummy, smoky flavor.  For those who do like the punch but not to hard, you can try the “Jalapena” which is the company’s mildest sauce.  Each bottle is sure to add what is missing to your meals; I know we have been experimenting and are thrilled with the results.  The website contains many recipes (http://www.elyucateco.com/recipes)

For dinner last night we tried incorporating the “chipotle” sauce into pulled pork sandwiches and I have to say everyone went back for seconds.  I am actually incorporating a few tablespoons of hot sauce into marinades and they truly add to the flavor.  You can use these sauces for so many recipes; make sure you think outside the box like I have been!  These are available right on their website along with apparel and other logo items.  Please visit: http://www.elyucateco.com/.



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