Begley’s Best

Do you hate ironing clothes?

I tried Begley’s Wrinkle Release.  It’s nice that I don’t have to iron my clothes.  It was easy to use.   First, you shake it and then simply spray, smooth with your hand, and hang for five minutes.  My clothes looked neat.  Granted, you don’t get the crease like you do when you iron, however, I’m okay with that.   I want my clothes to not look wrinkled and like I rolled out of bed.   I really liked it.  It worked really well and it didn’t have a chemical smell.

Does the Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner make it easy to clean?

This is a wonderful cleaner!   It’s easy to use.  Shake the bottle and spray from a squirt bottle.  No mixing with water.   It has a citrus smell that has a clean scent.    It doesn’t leave the floor sticky or streaky.   Great with tile and wood floors, which I love because I have a tile floor in my kitchen and a wood floor in my dining room.  In the past, I couldn’t use the same cleaner because it was floor specific.

The Begley products are made with plant-derived ingredients.  They are also cruelty-free, leaping bunny certified, eco-responsible, biodegradable, and in recyclable nonaerosol bottles.  No harsh chemicals, USDA certified biobased product.   Great for the environment, as well as your home.  Made in the USA.

Both are great products and I would use them again.   The Begley products are great and I would recommend them to my friends.   They are a little more pricey than some cleaners, however, they are worth it.




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