Bel Essence – Stress Relief Body Lotion

Bel Essence, the stress relief body lotion, with lavender, orange and chamomile left my dry skin feeling nourished and refreshed.   Smelling the sweet aroma definitely helped relax my mind and body.   Unlike other creams it felt very light on my skin.   A plus is my husband thought it smelled sexy and did not have that strong smell many creams have.  It resembles a baby powder or bath oil scent.   It’s not an over-powering smell.  He is usually deeply offended by the scent of products and he really liked this one, which I was happy about.  He really does not like heavily scented products – he cannot even walk into a store that sells scented soaps.

It is also great that that the company uses natural oils high in Omega-3 and Omega-9 fatty acids which help reduce inflammation.   The formula is also vegan and gluten free, paraben-free and certified cruelty free.
The pump tube makes it easy to use a desired portion.

Trying to find a lotion that is natural and feels good has been difficult to find for my dry skin.   This product checks off a lot of my boxes as far as a skin care products.  Say goodbye to my ashy skin!