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Nothing is too good for your little bundle of joy; when my kids were babies I would only use certain products on their skin.  I have a great line of products we tried out this week that all mommies of infants are sure to love: Bella B!    First of all, this line is totally natural and organic and good luck finding any harsh chemicals and parabens.  “Squeaky bee baby wash and shampoo” is a great way to start the bath process; this is a 2 in 1 combo (one bottle does it all!) It has a sweet and light scent and is totally hypoallergenic and safe for baby and kids alike.  We followed up with “silky conditioner” and I cannot even do justice to how much adore the scent.  This conditioner is jam-packed with protein, quinoa, avocado oil, jojoba and more and quite honestly my entire family is using it.    Their “mangle detangle” is working wonders with my daughter who absolutely hates my brushing her wet hair after a shower.  A couple of quick sprays and we are totally calm and ready to blow out our hair.  “Silk & honey” moisturizing lotion is a great way to start and finish the day: this is shea meets honey and is pretty much a dream come true.  I am very, very picky with lotions and I actually want to use it along side the children.  The lotion is also hypoallergenic and totally non-greasy.  LOVE THE SCENT!  (Did I say that already?!)  Oh; if you are a new mommy: “post pregnancy recovery cream” is great for firming your skin and while pregnant, their signature “tummy honey butter” is totally the way to go in the fight against stretch marks.  I’ve actually heard that it stops the pesky itching which I wish I had a solution for when I was pregnant.  I’ve even taken to using Bella B on the football field: their “natural bug repellant” is amazing!  This is citronella based and doesn’t smell horrendous like others and also is totally safe for the entire family both young and old!  I am finding it lasts the entire practice and I feel better that my kids aren’t covered in disgusting chemicals.  This company is kind of changing my life; why shouldn’t it change yours!  Please visit

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