Support Your Baby with Boppy

Everyone knows the brand name Boppy as the ultimate supportive pillow for feeding your baby.  However, Boppy offers so much more!  Just having had my second, I thought I knew all that Boppy was until I saw they also have baby carriers and newborn loungers. 

Boppy’s Newborn Lounger is a a perfect way to allow your baby support while they explore their surroundings.  The Lounger is meant for supervised awake time for baby, and is angled to allow them to be comfortable and supported.  The recessed section supports baby’s bottom as they relax, and the Lounger is soft and firm enough for newborns.  It allows the freedom to stretch their legs and arms.  My three year old loves that her baby sister can be on the floor with her while she plays and calls it her sister’s “baby couch.”  I love that it is easy to pick up with a handle, so I can take it wherever I need it.  With various designs on the washable slipcovers, it is customizable and a perfect gift for every expecting mom. 

The Boppy ComfyChic Baby Carrier is another must have for expecting moms and guarantees lots of use as it is meant for babies and toddlers from 8lbs to 35lbs.  There are dozens of carriers on the market to choose from, but the Boppy ComfyChic Carrier is a top quality choice.  In putting on the carrier, the first thing I noticed was how easy it was to put on by yourself, and I didn’t need to watch a YouTube tutorial to do so!  I like the semi-structured and cushioned support for baby in the center, and so did my daughter as she promptly fell asleep.  The yoga inspired fabric was soft and stretchy and the carrier has the adaptability for different wrapping techniques.  There are adjustable underarm straps which I liked because it felt more secure, and it was easy to slip off when it came time to take off.  Best part was I could take off the carrier without waking the baby!  Another plus to choosing the Boppy ComfortChic Baby Carrier is the padded waist belt which buckles and has a zippered storage pocket, so it was easy to throw keys and cell phone there and go.  The carrier is machine washable so no spills or spit ups will be able to ruin outings.  The carrier is extremely comfortable to wear and is designed to be ergonomic for both baby and adult. 

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