Maille Truffle Mustards

I have a secret about a great gift set for this upcoming holiday season…and its for the mustard enthusiast in your life!  Seriously so good I have to share it with all of you!

I have recently been taste testing the wonderful truffle mustard from MAILLE  and these are fantastic!  First of all the presentation is simply exquisite.  Their new gift set (Truffle Mustard Duo)– AVAILABLE NOW so you can jump-start your shopping comes with two truffle mustard’s in beautiful stoneware jars along with an engraved tasting spoon.  First I want to discuss their “black truffle cep and Chablis” mustard which quite honestly is the best mustard I have ever tried in my life.  This is white wine meets black truffle mushrooms meets cep mushrooms meets AWESOME.  A great addition to poultry, beef, soups and more.  The perfect woody, autumn food accessory.  Also in the set comes “black truffle and Chablis” mustard.  This is delicious and intense flavor and while something I had never tried before, a wonderful compliment to potato dishes!  Tossed into my mashed potatoes and what a super treat for my family!  Next up is trying the mustard in scrambled eggs; also great for meats and poultry.  Please visit their site to check this cool company out and get holiday’s underway!




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