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I am soooo in summer mode and I always like trying out a new summer skin care plan so I was thrilled with being able to test out products from LifeCell. These are such quality beauty products you will love them as much as I do!  The “PH Balanced Cleanser” is an absolute must.  This is great for taking the day off your skin, makeup, sunscreen, the environment: you will be clean, refreshed and your skin will not be all dried out.  This will run you around $39.99 and once you try it like I did you will never go back to your prior products.  Now their “BB Cream” ($47) is literally eliminating some of the items in my makeup bag.  This super-cream” is SPF 30 meets tinted lotion meets concealer.  I was thrilled that my flaws were covered, I am protected from the sun and I now do not need foundation.  I saved my favorite of their products for last: their “Lip Plumping Treatment” is beyond an affordable spa treatment at home. http://( This “lip gloss of wonder” I call it I wear under my lipstick but it can stand alone.  My lips are plump, full and free of wrinkles!  This is peptide-packed and super easy to apply just like lip gloss.  I am so happy with all LifeCell’s products: they are all hypoallergenic and great for all skin types.  Please get ready for summer and visit:

lifecell treatment

lifecell treatment lifecell bb cream


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