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Antioxidants and anti-aging go hand in hand and LifeCell South Beach Skincare brings about an innovative skincare product that is taking the public by storm! You can now enjoy the same skin care/antiaging treatment products as your favorite celebrities! Please consider treating your skin each day with LifeCell’s “BB Cream” which I personally use as part of my make-up regimen.

This LifeCell BB cream provides perfect, silky skin coverage; I really feel like my tone evens out. LifeCell’s products are excellent for my sensitive skin type (it must be the green tea extract). The LifeCell BB cream also contains SPF 30 protection and we cannot be more careful against the sun’s harmful rays as we go about our day. This is my daily cover-up/concealer before make-up application each day.

I also am trying out LifeCell’s “anti-aging cleanser” as my end of day course of action. This anti-aging cleanser has such a wonderful combination of green tea extract, cucumber (both with anti-inflammatory agents) as well as rosemary and tea tree oil (an astringent) to help you remove the day off your face without drying it out. Also try out LifeCell’s Anti-Aging Treatment (for lines and wrinkles) cream right afterward! For more information on these wonderful Lifecell products, please visit




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