Blake’s Seed-Based Releases Dipped Crispy Treats

blakes dipped crispy treats

Blake’s Seed Based has released its newest product, Dipped Crispy Treats. If you’re not familiar with Blake’s, they’re basically seed-based snacks that strive to be allergy-free and healthy.

The products are all peanut-free, tree nut free, and basically, avoid almost all allergens. They don’t use any artificial ingredients and they focus on being created mostly with seeds.

You’ll see this is a little bit of a variant of a traditional rice crispy you probably have had in your youth. But the Dipped Crispy Treats are much healthier. They include vegan marshmallows, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. This newest product is dipped in chocolate with just enough to increase the flavor, as everybody loves chocolate. However, it’s not too much in terms of calorie count.

At only 110 calories each, it’s a nice, quick, and healthy snack for either your kids or yourself if you’re trying to grab something on the way to the soccer game. I also love the thought of a snack that, for a “grab and go,” is high in protein. Too often my grab-and-go snack will be high in sugar which gives me an immediate rush but leaves me exhausted much later.

Try Blake’s Seed Based Dipped Crispy Treats for yourself.

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