Best Healthy Crackers for 2022

Sometimes you just want a cracker. You want to feel that crack in your mouth as the cracker breaks into a million pieces. The act of eating the cracker is as much the experience as is the cracker itself. Unfortunately, so many crackers are baked in butter and are not healthy.  We wanted a list of the best healthy crackers that you could buy.

Here are some of our options that are the best healthy crackers to satisfy that cracker craving.


Every Body Eat

every body eat

I learned something new today.  Ninety percent of food allergies come from 14 ingredients.  Every Body Eat uses exactly none of them.   These are hearty crisps and have a slew of wonderful ingredients that you don’t normally get in your snacks. I like to mix it up and getting tart berry, cassava flour, and pepitas are only some of the examples of the loving ingredients that they put in their crisps.  They are crisps with quite a bit more.


Moonshot Crackers

healthy eating 5

Moonshot Crackers are climate-friendly crackers so they definitely are good for the environment, but these Margherita Pizza crackers have something else. If you’re into Cheetos and/or Ritz and looking for something healthier with a lot of flavor, do not walk, but run to the store to get these Margherita Pizza crackers. Not only are they good for the environment, but they also make me happy and distracted from the rest of the world.   For a moment I can nibble on crackers and feel like I’m eating something healthier than the usual Goldfish crackers or Ritz.


Seconds Carrot Crackers

healthy eating 1

I don’t think I’ve eaten a cracker healthier than this one. Seconds Carrot Crackers basically use carrots and other food that would normally go uneaten and, using the pulp and peels, they somehow make an amazingly hardy cracker. If you’re the type of person who is addicted to crackers as a snack, this is probably the healthiest thing I’ve ever seen. These are by far the hardiest crackers I think I’ve ever had and they definitely make me feel healthy as I eat them. And with their fiber content, they definitely make me feel full.


Rind Snacks


Rind Snacks have a unique angle on traditional fruit snacks. They not only include the rind, but they embrace it.   The rind is entirely a part of the snack here. It’s not rough as leather as you might think, but it’s done so thin that it’s crisp. It really does let you have the rind while also, not getting overwhelmed by the rind.