Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Shopping for your husband is kind of like shopping for another one of the children. They really just want to be happy and have fun in their lives. This is our list of top gifts for men for the holidays.

image of gift box of damn, man snacks as one of top gifts for men

Damn, Man Snacks

First on the top gifts for men list is Damn, Man Snacks which makes snack boxes for men in a way that appeals to men. Men are rather simplistic so as long as you throw in a cool design and some cool spicy products they get excited. In this case, it’s Texas Peanuts, Memphis Almonds, sausage, and beef sticks. The overall design and dark look certainly scream damn, man, which goes right along with that theme. Plus for some reason, I find that men just love jerky of all forms. I like it too but if I say that, I’m getting into trouble as if it’s a gender-specific product. That said, you can’t go wrong with the name of the company alone.


irish setter boots

Irish Setter Boots

Irish Setter boots originated with the story of their original mascot, Red Mike. Now, 50 years later, this Red Wing, Minnesota, company makes gorgeous boots using cutting-edge technology. How are they gorgeous? I mean look at this photo. They’re not just regular boots but they have a texture, a pattern and just look so cool. These in particular are the Irish Setter Pinnacle #2700, which are now my husband’s favorite.

As for the tech, the boots are lightweight, durable, waterproof, abrasion resistant, and cold resistant.  Seriously, look at that list. It handles cold, water, scratches and all.

image of Innova CarScan Advisor 5210 as one of top gifts for men

Innova CarScan Advisor

My husband knows nothing about cars in any way shape or form. He sometimes pretends to know what is going wrong with the car and that usually involves him saying car-like terms just to sound more manly. The Innova CarScan Advisor is essentially a plug-and-play diagnostic tool. In this case, you don’t have to know anything about a car, you could just plug it in and it will scan from the car’s port and tell you what’s wrong. Number one, this is quite useful for any man like my husband who knows nothing about cars. But more importantly, it’s quite useful for people who want to sound reasonably intelligent and mechanically inclined. I worry that anybody who’s a mechanic is going to rip me off so I feel like the ability to simply scan and run can be quite useful.

image of mavix gaming chair as one of top gifts for men

Mavix Gaming Chair

I find it quite entertaining that my husband basically claims he’s working in the office but he is actually gaming. Yes, I’m not saying he doesn’t work. He works quite a lot but at that same desk, when he goes down on Saturday morning, we know what’s going on. This particular Mavix chair I found to be quite a good-looking chair for an office, but it is also a gaming chair. What makes it a gaming chair as compared to a regular comfortable chair, don’t ask me. What I do know is it looks quite good and in addition, he now can brag to his friends that he has an official gaming chair. Definitely ranks up there in the top gifts for men this holiday season.

st johns soap

Saint Johns Soap

Saint Johns Soap is made by St. Johns Fragrance Company and has that feel of traveling to the Caribbean, but is slightly more elegant. My husband seems to have survived most of his life off of hotel soaps and leftover shards of those soaps so I prefer anything that is higher end and smells much better too! This also brings back wonderful memories of the Caribbean which is certainly a second selling point. Plus, I love the idea of him using soap without the need to steal hotel bars at his latest conference.

infinity x1

Infinity X1

I mentioned before, men like toys. They also like to feel quite useful, so this falls well into our gifts for men category. Well, this might seem like a simple flashlight but the Infinity X1  is 5000 lumens. How bright is 5000 lumens? It is bright. It is as bright as if the sun temporally came down onto the earth. This is not a light to be taken lightly as it is practically a weapon to blind your enemies. But that said, it is actually quite useful for moments like you see here in our pitch black attic. In addition, what I really think makes this amazing is that the battery can charge by USB. This way it is completely ready whenever you need it.

worx leaf blower


Worx Leaf Blower and Gutter Cleaner

The odds of my husband actually using a leaf blower by a corded setup are precisely zero. I have had one in my garage for three years and it is far too inconvenient for him to take the extension cord and use it. This leaf blower and gutter cleaner from Worx solves that problem, being cordless. In addition, it is a quaint easy setup, and easy to use. In fact, I set it up myself, left it out, and made it clear how frustrated I was about the gutters. Begrudgingly, he got it running in a relatively short period of time. The combo kit is an easy and quick solution and it might actually save you some headache of mosquitos growing in the gutters, as I had.

2K Pan Tilt Outdoor Wi Fi Security Camera


Lorex 2K Pan Tilt Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

Dads with teenage daughters like to keep their eyes on their teenage daughters. Teenage daughters can be quite frustrating and dangerous creatures. That said, one of the best ways to at least know if a teenage boy is trying to sneak into the house is a camera. This 2K Pan-Tilt Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera from Lorex was not kidding when it said Wi-Fi. With these two antennas, it works so far from the base. It is really quite useful for getting to those areas you normally could not get to. We put it here on the chair simply for demonstration purposes but that said, it could get quite far from the base without any problems or issues. It is really quite useful for getting to those areas you normally could not get to.

Do any of these gifts for men ideas work for you? Or what are you buying your man this holiday season?



The Purggo is a natural car air freshener made out of bamboo and charcoal. There are no chemicals here and it just blends in perfectly with the car with the same gray color. Of course, that is assuming you have a gray-colored car. But it is an air freshener that looks much more high-end than the plug-ins and such that I’m used to seeing. Plus, it being all natural is a nice added bonus. And the craziest thing is the big maintenance it needs. It needs to be in direct sunlight for one hour just to dry it out every so often. No other maintenance.


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