Best New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2023

Don’t look now, but 2023 is just around the corner. And now is the time to take stock of our lives, celebrate the past year with our family and friends and get a good party going. Once the celebration is over, we will start 2023 together. And with this new year, the perfect opportunity presents itself to better ourselves. Focusing on your health and well-being is one of the most important things you can do. A good start is already half the battle won. Create a list of attainable New Year’s resolution ideas that allow you to make healthier lifestyle choices every day. You’ll start the year with a stronger body and an enriched mind if you adopt any of the daily objectives we are sharing here. We are there for you! Together we can get into shape, calm down, ease stress and anxiety and become better people!

1. Get into shape

We all know what to do! Be more active, move and get your heart rate up. Being physically active can improve your brain health, help manage weight, reduce the risk of disease, strengthen bones and muscles, and improve your ability to do everyday activities. Adults who sit less and do any amount of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity gain a lot of health benefits.

So get rid of your excuses! By using the Copper Fit products, you will be able to perform at your best. Break the cycle of soreness, pain, and longer recovery periods! Copper Fit will improve your performance, will support your joints and muscles, aid in recovery, as well as reduce chafing through stitching and wicking. The products from Copper Fitt reduce odors through copper infusion. Whether you need back support, knee braces, women’s core shapers, hand relief, insoles, or elbow sleeves, Copper Fit has something to help you! Get ready to get into shape in 2023!

image of 3 Copper fit boxes and products, back pro, ice, and socks - for New Year's Resolution Ideas

2. Drink more water

You know you need to hydrate. Most people need about four to six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day. In 2023, never forget those glasses of water again! Chelsea Charles has now launched the glamourous Count Me Healthy Bracelets. These stunning pieces of jewelry will not only be an amazing addition to your look, but they are also a great way to never forget anything again! Count goals by sliding the beads one by one. Beads stay in place unless moved by you. Can you move all beads before the day is over?

image of a Count me Healthy bracelet on a woman's wrist and  it's box - for New Year's Resolution Ideas

3. Read more books

The start of the new year is the perfect time to snuggle up with a new book. To keep yourself motivated the whole year through, getting a subscription to some of the best books out there is the way to go! You will get an expertly curated monthly reading experience with Sweet Reads Box! Each box contains a newly released novel, three to four items connected to your novel’s storyline/setting/characters, a delicious drink to set the mood, a sweet treat to enjoy while reading, and a card explaining the choice of novel and how your items connect to it. With Sweet Reads Box, you will not only be reading more in 2023, but you will also have a great time while reading! Create special moments that recharge your battery, and enjoy every second of it!

Sweet Reads

4. Strengthen the relationship with your partner

The secret to keeping a relationship strong through the years is by making sure you keep having fun together. It is not always easy to find new things to do together. That is where Datebox Club can help! They send you a box containing everything you need for the perfect date night! Each month you will get a great box delivered right to your door. Every box is designed for maximum fun and connection. You do not need to plan or organize anything, because everything you need is included in the box (even a little snack). You can have the best time at home, so not even a babysitter is required! For only $41.95 a month, these are extremely affordable dates that will keep your relationship sparkling! Paint, play, create a journal,  and much, much more!

image of box and contents from datebox club - for New Year's Resolution Ideas

5. See your friends more often

We all have those friends we just do not get to see often enough. In 2023, we encourage you to reconnect with them. Get together regularly and fill up your social batteries! Nine Arches is the absolutely perfect game to make sure you will see each other regularly and you will have a fun activity to do together. Nine Arches is more than a game. Every time you see your friends, you shuffle the big deck of cards and will combine three of these to create a new adventure you can then immediately plan to do. Your creativity is the only limit. What will you do as an activity with the cards “The Wild,” “Artist,” and “Fire”? You could go pottery painting with a nature theme, or go take photos of a candle in a park, invent an artistic barbeque recipe and try it out while camping…the possibilities are endless and you all decide together what you would love to do! At the end of your activity, you shuffle the cards again and decide upon your next activity and date, ensuring you will see each other soon again!

image of Nine Arches Gameplay - for New Year's Resolution Ideas

Nine Arches

6. Create a plan for your future

In 2023, make a plan to go live your dream life in paradise! Claim Your Dream Life: How to Retire in Paradise on a Shoestring Budget walks you through every step of an international move, from choosing your location to budgeting for success. Even if you think it’s too late to achieve a comfortable retirement, there is a simpler, happier, and richer life waiting for you! Start your journey by reading this great book. Everyone, absolutely everyone, can have the retirement they are dreaming of! Make it happen, and make the New Year’s resolution to live the best life you can! You can find this book for $15.29 on Amazon.

image of book claim your dream life: how to retire in paradise on a shoestring budget

7. Get better sleep

So many issues can be traced back to a poor night’s sleep. Start taking charge of your sleep by using Somnox. Somnox is a soothing, science-backed sleep companion that improves breathing and settles the mind, allowing for peaceful sleep and brighter days. The Somnox is soft and cuddly, its ergonomic design is made for however you sleep, its smart sensors respond to your breathing in real time, and it’s super easy to operate, even in the dark. Your body will subconsciously follow the soothing rhythms of the Somnox to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling well-rested. Permanently train your brain and body for a more restful, reinvigorating sleep! This year, get better health, a better mood, and more energy! Somnox is a groundbreaking device that will help you get the sleep you need and deserve!

image of a somnox sleep device for better sleeping - for New Year's Resolution Ideas

8. Eat healthier

Research shows that people who eat lots of meat are at an increased risk of death from heart disease, stroke, or diabetes. Sweet Earth is there to help! They offer plant-based versions of your favorite meats. But not only that, they have ready-made bowls, burritos, and pizzas. These plant-based meals come frozen and just need reheating to be savored by you! These heat-and-eat vegan meals offer you a great option for your lunches and dinners. Get your family on a healthier diet and spend less time in the kitchen preparing it! Start your healthier eating journey, and win time you can spend with your family.

image of Sweet Earth plant-based meals in packages - for New Year's Resolution Ideas

9. Make nature a part of your life

the outdoor citizen

Being in nature is a great stress reliever, something we all need more of in our lives! Being out there and enjoying nature is on our list for 2023! In The Outdoor Citizen: Get Out, Give Back, Get Active, John Judge explains why we must all become citizens of the natural world, reconnecting with life’s most essential foundation, nature, defending and embracing it. Learn how to commit to an active outdoor lifestyle, and how to make the outdoors more important in your life! You can get this book for $13.60 on Amazon.