The GBC’s 60X Autofeed+ Shredder is a monster of a machine

The GBC’s 60X Autofeed+ shredder is a complete monster of a machine.  A shredder is a very straightforward device. You put in papers, and you hope the machine completely destroys those papers. That is essentially the goal to have the papers simply be small pieces of confetti and nothing more. That way, your nosy neighbors can’t identify anything you don’t want them to.


That said, there is one universal challenge with all shredders. They seem to have the notorious habit of constantly getting jammed. In fact, it goes without saying that if you have a shredder that you can safely assume that you will never find the correct ratio of how much to put in to shred.


This is the kind of situation that can take years to get used to, to determine the optimal amount of paper to survive the machine not breaking down.


The GBC’s 60X Autofeed+ takes quite a lot to break down. This shredder is such a monster. This shredder is a beast. We kept on loading it up, and it was only when we got to the point of insanely ridiculous did it actually slightly start to falter.


Under normal usage, I’m quite sure you’ll be fine. Nobody generally treats a shredder like my husband did. He was constantly loading it with papers. He kept unloading it and loading it just to see what would happen. The auto shredder kept on going through the pile to the point that it really was just silly. Only when we loaded so much onto this that you were basically expected to break down anyway.


If you’re looking for a shredder that is not going to cause your headache, then this might be for you. This monster of a machine keeps going and going and going.