Better Safe Than Sorry

So what happens if you maybe need to know if you had too much? If you overindulged?  The holidays are coming and people always over-celebrate.  Our people checked out the Alcomate REVO Personal Breathalyzer this week and were simply wowed with the results.  This model is the first of its kind to contain PRISM technology which will eliminate the need for recalibration.  Gone are the days of having to mail your product in for recalibration and almost always there would be residue preventing the unit from running with accuracy level of the first use.  You can now start fresh and use again (zero mailings) and know that it has the stamina of a breathalyzer being used for the first time.  Of course the company’s goal is to prevent alcohol related incidents and that is much appreciated.

The piece is simple to use with one button operation.  The display is nice and clear so there can be no misinterpretation about the results.  The REVO is super easy to use and you don’t have to worry at all about the accuracy level.  Need more mouthpieces? No problem!  You can purchase them as well!  The Alcomate will run you a little over $200; but you are getting beyond quality.

Please do not forget that regardless of the laws in your State; please do not operate a motor vehicle even if you had one drink.

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