Squeezoos; toy or therapy for mommy?!?

So many children’s toys make me nuts.  They all have bells and whistles that are just ridiculously loud and unnecessary.  In this house (and I am certain many others), once the batteries run out, “oops the toy won’t ever work again”.  At least I admit it.
So I now can bring you to the wonderfully squishy world of the Squeezoo’s, these bright and bubbly cute animals that have taken over my home this past weekend.  “Miss Moo Moo” (yes, she is a cow) is big on fashion and the spotlight.  She arrives with a bright orange motorized car that makes adorable silly sounds.  “Tuf Tuf Tusks” (yes, he is an elephant) is a bright blue adorable friend that fixes things within the town and as such as a cute tool belt so he is ready for anything.  There is also a magical unicorn, a dancing cat, a medically trained bunny, a cheerleading hippo and a scientist that happens to be a mouse.  These guys all have a track record for giggles and this whole line is just amazing, bright and positive.

They are available from AMAZON , toysrus and target.  The price point is wonderful which probably means it will be a top seller this holiday season.  Do yourself a favor and buy them now while you can.

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