Bil-Jac Dog Treats

My dog is super picky when it comes to dog treats.  She literally is the only dog I know that refuses any kind of table food and doesn’t chew on those “raw hide chew toys”.  I was leery to taste test another dog treat on her but I am so thrilled I did because Bil-Jac has done what no other treat company has been able to do!! SHE LOVES THESE TREATS!  Whether you are using these as a reward, treat or even to train your pup, each variety is nutritious and contain real ingredients.  “Grain Free Chicken & Sweet Potato” have zero grains and gluten; they are the perfect combo of protein, fiber, chicken, dried sweet potato and more.  She gobbled them right up.  “YappleNanas“; well my own child wanted to try one since they smell so darn good.  (No worries: she didn’t! LOL).  These are apple and banana meet chicken and I think if I allowed her the entire bag she would have kept eating.  “Breakfast Jacs” are the perfect way to start your doggies day: these are the human comparison to a bacon/egg /cheese on a roll!  Shaped like a cute star and truly her favorite!  Finally, for small dogs (possibly training), “Little Jacs” are a great option.  These are real chicken liver treats and contain no icky gluten or rendered fats.  Please do yourself a favor and switch over to these wonderful treat options for your pup.  They are sold in so many of your local pet shops chains: “Pet Supplies Plus”, “PetSmart“, “Petco” and more.

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