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logoBaking cookies for the first day of school? Cookie Cutter Kingdom brings you “cutting edge” (no pun intended) cutters using 3D technology.  These are seriously durable cookie cutters!  If you are like me I get an idea in my head for a kiddie party, school event etc and then have trouble finding the themed cutter I need.  Well; look no further and head over to the good people at where you can choose between themed options by holiday, general interest, pets, etc.  The company offers personalized options where you really easily navigate and choose your theme, select a font, enter your name and pick a size!  Voila; instant gift guru!  What a great way to send someone the perfect commemorative cutter!  In addition (and this amazed me!) if you cannot find the “cutter of your dreams” feel free to upload your preferred image, click on the outline, choose your size of choice and you’ve made your very own custom cutter!  (Please allow for a little extra time on these!)  Sky is the limit now for party favors; I wish we had these for my sister’s recent bridal shower!

My kids and I had a ball trying out our summer themed cookie cutters: we made sand castles, beach umbrellas, and an amazing sailboat that the team personalized with the word Summer.  They withstood the cookie dough as well as the kids (LOL) and we made awesome cookies to bring to the cabana.  Please check them out; so innovative and awesome!

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