Blink Home Security System

blinkOkay, Blink Security cameras are seriously easy. I mean easy. Basically my issue with security cameras in the past has been the set up has been a headache. Half the problem has been the wiring. Just figuring out where to plug them in, or worse, when they needed to be plugged into an ethernet cable. The other problem was setting up and playing with a network is the bane of my existence. I hate touching the network.

The Blink really works within minutes of coming out of the box. You pop in regular batteries and find where you want to stick the cameras. Load the app and set up the network. No exaggeration, I had the whole thing going in about 15 minutes total.
The app itself is also really nice. Between the alerts and settings you can get as serious or as in depth as you’d like. What I also love is that it will email you a clip too. What’s good about that to me is that you can set it up so if somebody even tries to mess with your camera, you get a clip.

For fun, look at their YouTube page. Like the clip below. You know what happened with your package and have a clip to show the cops.

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