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Let’s face it: whether we are adults, children, tweens or elderly we all have to work to make it in this world.  School, Office, Corporate whatever you may do we all need stationary items to get us through our day.  The good people at Debbie Lynn Inc; a purely woman-owned business offers such adorable stationary items: these great product lines are available at places like Walmart and Five Below and my family and I are loving them!  My box of goodies to test out included adorable “cellphone/smartphone themed” sticky notes (ummm disclaimer: I took them to work and hid them from the kids).  Absolutely adorable emoji sticky notes my daughter just loved (Five Below).   “Googly eye” thumb tacks (Five Below) that are working out just great on our never-ending “to do” calendar in this house.  No worries any longer about tiny mistakes on our homework because both my little ones are LOVING using their brightly colored rhinosaurus eraser as well as “fun phrased dice erasers” that you can actually roll for adorable trendy phrases (Five Below).  Of course, dinosaur and puppy pencil sharpeners (5 Below) help us continue with our day.  So many of the great items I have mentioned already retail for around $1!! Can you believe that!?!  These are great for school supplying, office supplying, basket/stocking stuffing, tooth fairy treats and so much more!  I love how they are sparking my children’s imagination and keeping them super interested in their homework!  Debbie Lynn Inc. also offers a “Hi-Voltage FX” line that offers neat-o neon items: I am literally fighting with the kids for a turn using our “jumbo chalkboard markers” they are so awesome!  Also: who doesn’t love neon paper clips and binder clips!!  The items available are endless and they pop up in various retailers so be on the look out!  Please check out for more info!

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