Top Super Bowl Snacks for 2022

It’s time  for the Super Bowl!  What snacks are your favorite? We’ve of course hit the usual snacks that we all love but I wanted to compile a list of some of the newer ones to try. Below are some of our most recent ideas and suggestions!


Pitaya Foods

Pitaya Foods makes frozen health foods that are perfect for smoothies. They use all-organic fruits which are great for your health . These frozen fruits are great for making a smoothie for that one friend who eats healthy all the time.


Like Chick’n Wings

Like Chickn Wings are vegan chicken wings. I gave them to my vegetarian cousin. He loved them despite everyone making fun of him for not eating real meat. Apparently they taste like chicken but i don’t believe it.  The cousin reported: These wings absolutely tasted real. I couldn’t even believe that they were vegetarian at all.

Feel Good Foods

Feel Good Foods makes gluten free alternatives to popular snack foods and appetizers. As you can probably already tell my family is full of people with food problems so i told my aunt that i had gluten free appetizers and she was ecstatic. They tasted great unlike some gluten free foods so that made us all so happy.


Gourmet Gift Baskets

Gourmet Gift Baskets is well know for making great gift baskets and since the Super Bowl is the day before valentines day its a great idea to have some valentines day themed snacks and these brownies are delicious

Hubbard Peanut Company

Hubbard Peanut Company makes the best peanuts. My kid ate the whole container of the sweet heat peanuts. We snacked on the peanuts the whole game and had a lot of fun.


Truly Grass Fed

Truly Grass Fed makes great cheese and butter. It’s perfect for a cheese plate or making buttery garlic bread. Since they only use grass fed cows to produce all of their dairy I know that my dairy products have a better flavor. They even have an awesome spicy trail mix recipe.

Chop Box

Chop Box delivers meat directly to your house. For the people who ate me they loved the steak and we made the best Super Bowl meal ever. They have a package that includes the steak and the salmon so if you need a quick meal hit this is a great go to. We linked here to their game day specials so it’s one stop shopping for the main meal.



Core Foods

Core Foods makes oat snacks. Instead of chips, these are a wonderfully healthy alternative to just tortilla chips. Plus, since they’re so filled with fiber, they really fill you up.   CORE Foods Oat Snacks come in three flavors and are a healthy alternative to chips or crackers! They are fiber powered and gut healthy; and not to mention delicious.


Fillos makes microwavable beans ans rice inspired from different places in the Americas. The bags are easy to cook because you only have to microwave them for 60 seconds

All these foods made for a great Super Bowl Sunday.  Are you ready for the Superbowl? What snacks are you eating?



African Dream Foods

Superbowl is hear and it’s time to make hot wings with a different flair. Now I found that they have a Peri-Peri recipe for Buffalo wings.   What I love about this hot sauce is it has an entirely different feel to it.  It’s not a traditional sauce but has this flavor profile is unique upon itself.


Jovial Foods

Jovial Foods makes gluten-free pastas which is quite useful for that alternative gluten-free dish for that uncle who only eats gluten free.  They are all organic and artisan and as you see, they even have tomatoes, cannelli beans and whole wheat.  If you have people in your Superbowl crowd who have certain diet restrictions then, this might be for them.


Olizzi Oil

Here is Olizzi which makes healthy extra-virgin olive oil cold pressed, straight from turkey. Now I have heard of Italian and Greek olive oil but never yet Turkish olive oil. Now that I’ve discovered it, it is certainly going to be on my radar as it’s right in the same region and tastes just as good. But you’re not totally Greek or Italian friends that!


Alco Eats

Alco Eats makes these awesome nuts that have both American-style flavors like: Cheddar as well as Indian like: Masala.  These are probably the most unique and tasty cashews that I’ve ever had.  That said, they also have these spices so expect me to make Indian flavored chicken wings.



Quevos are a keto friendly “cracker”, or should I even call it a cracker as it has no gluten and is basically egg white. Not only is this a brilliant keto friendly snack it’s also great for those of us with wheat or other allergies. But it’s basically straight protein so a really healthy snack.


Chocolate Pizza Company

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Chocolate Pizza Company of course has a chocolate pizza that makes a wonderful valentine‘s a gift. What you see in this photo has a mix of Eminem’s, chocolate bars as well as Reese’s peanut butter cups. They called This the candy avalanche chocolate pizza which is also a great idea for any Valentine’s Day party you may have, especially with kids.

Martha Stewart Kitchen

I ain’t the kinda mom that can rip out some fancy snacks, especially for the Superbowl. but I am a queen of the microwave. If you’re interested in tomato tartlets or leak and cheese, then this is a quick and easy hit for you. Plus it will make you look like the super fancy chef in no time flat.

Blake’s Seed Based

Blake’s takes seed snacks to an entirely new level. These snacks are rice crispy cakes basically filled with seeds. Flax, pumpkin, sunflower, all in one rice crispy cake. What’s fun is that the birthday cake actually looks really similar to the rice crispy cakes that i used to make as a mom so now, I can trick my children and get them to have something healthier as “desert” at the Superbowl!


Wholly Guacamole

Wholly makes guacamole which is basically super simple and easy. Now why would you order Guacamole when you can take avocados and smash them together and make guacamole. I ain’t got time for that!   I’m a busy mom. I don’t have time to smash ingredients together. Plus, when the kids are losing their mind, like the Superbowl, it’s the kind of things I can tell them to pull right out of the freezer. quick easy and simple.

Festive Chickpeas

Festive chickpeas takes chickpeas to an entirely different level. I happen to love chickpeas as a snack because they are basically protein packed monsters. These no give them a wonderful sense of flavor and a quick bite. First of all they are healthy in that they have zero fat and basically protein and second of all you have awesome little flavors like ranch and spicy.

Somos Mexican Food

Somos is on a mission to make Mexican food of a higher quality than we are used to already. They use plant based ingredients and all natural ingredients.  First of all, they are unique. Look at Cuatro Chiles or Roasted Tomatillo. You don’t often find Tomatillo for example.  This is for people who want Mexican food a bit more “real” than their local Taco Bell.


Silver Spring Horseradish

Silver spring makes the real deal horseradish. If you’ve never cooked with real horseradish then this is an entirely different experience. Real horseradish that in this case, is Non-GMO and certified. You’ll also see that they have Dijon Mustard and a horseradish sauce that’s a quick dab right onto your food.