Blueshift Supplement Blends


Okay, so I spent the last few days trying out these amazing supplement blends from Blueshift Nutrition and they are phenomenal.  I actually don’t know how I lived without them prior.

They offer these super cool pods that have 10 times the power of capsules or gummies.  You are basically getting over 20 nutrients in every drink and no added sugar. There is ZERO aftertaste and no artificial sweeteners, as well.  The pods are gluten-free and keto friendly.  The flavors are pretty great too (blueberry acai and my favorite lemon lavender).

There is literally no excuse for not staying hydrated. You just pour the pod into water, stir/shake and you are on your way to better health, skin, alertness, energy, workout recovery, and more.  They are great for our hectic on-the-go lifestyle as well. You just peel off the top of the pod and pour it into your travel water bottle!  Hey, I just did it in my car on the way to work!

Pod categories include beauty, bone/joint health, digestion and gut health, energy/focus/memory, heart health and circulation, immunity, sleep, sports, and women’s health.  I recommend you start with their Favorites Sampler ($15) which includes an 8-pod assortment of their most popular blends.  Once you know what you like, the cost ranges from about $1-$1.50 a pod depending on the blend.  You simply must grab the immune ultra pods.  They are life-changing in my opinion!

Check out Blueshift Supplement Blends!