Bondic Will Fix Your Sticky Situations!

Do you guys have small “fix it” projects at home that glue just doesn’t do the trick on?!?

My husband put this really cool product called Bondic to the test this week and we are loving it!  Bondic fixes the mess where glue just makes it worse.  To explain it better (and trust me I really didn’t get it so he had to help me with my wording here), this is a liquid plastic that only hardens when you need it to.  It doesn’t dry out “after you open it.”  And it is rather easy to use (just a four-step process).  This will help you save money on replacing items you would have simply thrown out in the past, as well as saving on glue products you have to keep buying because they are typically one and done.

Bondic works on most surfaces and only solidifies with UV light (tool included).  You are kind of welding here – not gluing/fixing.  It was very easy for him to handle and can be used on so many projects, you won’t believe it.  All you have to do is Fill/Layer/Cure/Repeat.  You have to check out their website and read about using Bondic versus Glue – so cool!

The starter kit includes the shaping tool and one bonus refill and will cost you $2, and you can purchase easy refills when needed.  Think for upcoming Father’s Day!