BoomBoom Baby Blowout Protection

Blowouts.  Gag inducing diaper changes that have parents shouting “not it!” or rock/paper/scissor-ing.  Every baby has them, and more than one outfit will get ruined before a baby learns to use the potty.  BoomBoom Baby Co. knows the pain and stain of these, so they have introduced their Blowout Bodysuits.

Made with organic cotton, the BoomBoom Blowout Bodysuits are created to be comfortable, cute, and practical.  The bodysuits are high quality and last for 300+ washes.  The back of the body suit is layered with PUL fabric in between the organic cotton layers.  PUL fabric is the same that reusable fabric diapers are made of, so the bodysuits are waterproof and poopy proof!  The back is also infused with antimicrobial silver ions, so that helps to prevent bacterial growth, while also preventing odors from sticking around.  The BoomBoom Blowout Bodysuits are made larger in size, so you can be sure that even babies with a little extra love on them will fit comfortably.  The bodysuits are designed with envelope shoulder flaps, so the soiled bodysuit can be easily removed by slipping baby’s arms out and pulling it down, minimizing the spread of the blowout.  They come in a variety of colors and patterns, so there is something for everyone’s style.  Order you baby’s blowout bodysuit and your piece of mind today at

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