BootayBag – A Subscription for Your Booty

As seen on Shark Tank, BootayBag is an underwear subscription service sending underwear for your happy little bootay every month.

Here are the five things that I love about it.

1. What they send is actually made up of quality material.  It’s packaged nicely and the products aren’t cheap products that look like they’re going to fall apart.

2. They have packages starting at $10 a month. It’s a subscription present that’s ridiculously affordable.  It’s practically an instinct buy.

3. They let you choose the style of bottoms that you like. Thongs, no thong, mix it up, etc.

4. They have an extremely good ordering system. Some sites are just extremely difficult to navigate, yet this is quite easy.

5.  They have the most diverse set of models that I’ve ever seen. Real women and women of all sizes, shapes, and races.

I love the fact that they are so awesome and diverse! I  normally don’t include the Instagram embed of a review in a story,  but with BootayBag, I had to include them.

This is just one example of diversity, but the entire feed shows so much more, it’s really inspiring. I also love that BootayBag features “normal” women and not supermodels.  They really have the branding image done right to show 100% diverse love and support!


Check out BootayBag and tell us what you think!