SchoolMaskPacks For Your Child

While I am happy the kids are in school the fact the the numbers of this horrendous virus keep climbing is so worrisome for us parents.  Everyday I am super impressed with my kids ability to glide through their day in school living in such a different world.  They are wearing masks all day long, have plexiglass desk guards surrounding them and cannot play with a ball during recess.  To make the whole “wear a mask for almost 7 hours” thing work I am loving getting them interested in the accessory with vibrant colors, characters etc.

Crayola has absolutely hit the bullseye with their collection of mask packs.  In true Crayola style they have these available by color scheme (artful colors, earth colors, cool colors, faces) and more.  We are really loving the wonderful 5 day mask system that SchoolMaskPack has launched with crayola!  My child is LOVING the Crayola Kids Reusable Cloth Face Mask Set with Tip Faces.  This is 5 masks for the entire week, each in their very own vibrant color and adorable face drawn right on the mask.  The set of 5 costs $29.99 making them just $6 per mask.  Oh; and this brilliant concept also comes with a laundry bag so you don’t lose them or their color in the washing machine.  They have literally thought of everything!  Adult and teen sizes also available for just under $40.00.  Have a kid who loses the masks??? Check out SchoolMaskPacks set of Mask Straps for $20.00.  These come as a set of 5 colorful straps that mix and match with your masks and keep it close to your body when you need to take a quick mask break.  You can adjust the straps so they are perfect for whatever length you may need.  The clasps are super safe, they are very durable and they even have name tags built right on them!

These will really help turn any frown upside down if you have the “mask blues” in your house these days!