Bradshaw Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Straight Rye

image of bottles of Bradshaw Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Straight Rye

Terry Bradshaw of the Pro Football Hall of Fame now makes Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Straight Rye whiskeys!  Now, I’m not a huge fan of football…I’ll watch some of a game but football just doesn’t speak to me. Whiskey, on the other hand, I understand. I guess I’m pretty fortunate to have never tasted a bad whiskey. I want to make clear that I don’t like ALL whiskey—I’ve had some single malt Scotch that was wonderfully nuanced…and some that tasted like burned rubber to me, but personal preferences aside, BACK to Bradshaw.

Bradshaw Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a quality whiskey with some “youthful” power and a fair amount of complexity. I noted scents of vanilla and holiday spices, and flavors of orange, banana, and toasted coconut. I didn’t really appreciate the youthful “hotness” while sampling it neat, but I enjoy most spirits on the rocks so that’s what I moved on to. After sipping on the rocks, the flavors opened up nicely for me. And in addition to the above-noted flavors, I also tasted citron fruit and peanut butter Reeses Pieces candy on the finish…that was kinda unique for me.

It’s a quality, mid-range bourbon that is indeed gift-worthy and would do well in cocktails and recipes. I noticed they have recipes on their website. Check it out.

Bradshaw Kentucky Straight Rye… was good and I did enjoy it on the rocks…but not as much as I did the bourbon. The rye has a nose of vanilla, spice, and a touch of smoke, and flavors of vanilla, spice, citrus zest, and a hint of banana flavor. I think it would make an excellent Manhattan.

Whiskey lovers, get some and try it out. Both of these bottles are priced reasonably, commensurate with their quality. ’Tis the season for cocktail parties…and the Super Bowl is just MONTHS away! Terry Bradshaw fans might like to try this too.

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