Indian Single Malt Whiskey?! YES, That’s What I Said

image of bottle of Rampur Indian single malt whiskey

In my journey of trying new spirits and new flavors, I never knew that India even made whiskey…now I do. If you’re looking for a new whiskey to add to your collection or serve to your guests, Rampur Indian whiskey double cask is worth considering. As a chef, I’m always trying new flavors and I appreciate the complexity and depth of flavor this whiskey offers.

The double cask aging process of Rampur Indian whiskey involves maturing the whiskey in American oak bourbon barrels before finishing it in European oak sherry casks. This process gives the whiskey a unique flavor profile that combines the sweetness of vanilla and caramel with the richness of spices and oak.

I recommend serving this whiskey “on the rocks” so, as the ice melts, the progressive dilution brings out the flavors and aromas in different ways at different stages. Consider serving it with some good barbecue or mildly spiced hors d’oeuvres, like samosas. I think it would be even better with dessert…perhaps apple tart tatin, or a more unusual cardamom cake topped with pistachio ice cream, or even with a creamy Indian-style rice pudding.

Rampur whiskey is a complex, rich, and elegant spirit that is beautifully packaged and would make a handsome gift for a whiskey enthusiast as well as for oneself. You deserve it. Go get yourself some. Namaste.

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