The Wiseman Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Review By Chef Anthony Ottomanelli

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I always appreciate a well-crafted bourbon, and The Wiseman Kentucky Straight Bourbon definitely falls into that category. It’s a beautifully-balanced spirit, rich and full-bodied, with notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak that linger on the palate.

The nose of The Wiseman is wonderfully complex, with aromas of roasted nuts, cinnamon, and a hint of citrus. On the palate, it’s smooth and silky, with flavors of honey, brown sugar, and spice, perfectly balanced by a subtle smokiness. The finish is long and satisfying, with a warm, comforting afterglow that makes it the perfect choice for sipping on a cold winter’s night.

Professional reviewers agree that The Wiseman is a top-notch bourbon. Whiskey Advocate gave it a score of 92 points, noting that it’s “balanced, complex, and delicious.” The Tasting Panel also praised its “rich, luxurious flavors,” while Wine Enthusiast raved about its “silky texture and long, satisfying finish.”

While The Wiseman is certainly delicious on its own, it also makes an excellent base for cocktails. Try mixing it with ginger beer and a squeeze of lime for a twist on the classic Moscow Mule, or pair it with sweet vermouth and a dash of bitters for a perfect Manhattan…make sure to garnish with “Luxardo” cherries. Are you making whipped cream? Use a little of this instead of vanilla. Barbecue season is coming! Add a bit to your barbecue sauce the next time you make ribs.

The Wiseman Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a must-try for anyone who appreciates a well-crafted spirit. Go get yourself some. (The correct response is “YES, CHEF!”)

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