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2015-09-15 18.50.36  I will start off by saying that Branson is not an epicurean capital.  Many of the restaurants are chain restaurants or fast food establishments.  That said we figured we would share information about some of the better meals we had.

Our best meal was at the Chateau Grill at the Chateau on the Lake Resort.  I devoted an entire page just for the Chateau Grill so I will not repeat myself here.  Suffice it to say it is a gourmet meal with an amazing view. A close second was the India Clay Oven due to its authentic and delicious Indian cuisine. We eat Indian food on a regular basis when home and India Clay Oven rivaled many fancy New York Indian restaurants.

We had a great lunch at Dobyn’s Dining at the Keeter Center which is part of the College of the Ozarks.  The food was very fresh and flavorful.  The restaurant is run by the college’s students and it was fascinating to learn about the college while we were there.

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We thoroughly enjoyed dinner at Danna’s BBQ. It was the best barbecue we had on our trip and bought some of their amazing barbecue sauce to take home. Another great meal was had at McFarlain’s which is known for its Ozark cuisine and homemade pies.  We enjoyed the comfort food especially the fried green tomatoes.  We had a pretty good Italian meal at Florentina’s Restaurant.  The staff there has created a very authentic Italian menu with some twists like Italian nachos. The brick oven pizzas are as good as the ones you find in New York.


I will end on breakfast. You need to make the drive and try to conquer the crazy parking lot at Billy Gail’s Cafe for the best breakfast in town.

You will be served the largest pancakes you have ever seen.  The omelets and hash browns were very tasty.  The service is warm and friendly and the prices very affordable.2015-09-18 10.09.32

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