Branson Missouri Attractions

IMG_3735The Branson shows will keep you busy at night and there are many attractions to keep you busy during the day.  Using the All Access Pass we visited the Hollywood Wax MuseumHannah’s Maze of Mirrors and enjoyed Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf.  They are all located near each other so it is really easy to do all on one day without battling Branson traffic. The Hollywood Wax Museum celebrities were very realistic looking. Sometimes I’ve gone to wax museums where you can’t even tell who you are looking at.  I did not have that problem here.  One of the best parts is the props that are located near each celebrity which make picture taking so much more fun! My daughter could have spent all day at Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors and if I didn’t continually bump into myself I would have stayed longer! Hannah’s is not just a simple maze, it tells a story where you have to rescue Princess Hannah. If you make a wrong turn you are told and as you get closer to rescuing the Princess you are encouraged to keep going- lots of fun and suspense for little ones. Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf was a great course for novices to adults.  We loved Marty McBooster, the agent who gave us tidbits of information at every hole teaching us about paparazzi and Rodeo Drive shopping.

Branson Landing is a shopping, dining and entertainment complex located next to Historic Branson. We enjoyed the fountain shows where fountains shoot up to 120 feet into the air choreographed to music.  Did I mention it includes fire too?  My daughter insisted we stay to see the different shows. I did not mind because of the excellent shopping. After the fountains we discovered Parakeet Pete’s Zipline. It is not a traditional zipline in that you do not wear an uncomfortable harness. It uses a proprietary seat system which is basically a comfy seat and seatbelt. It goes over Lake Taneycomo and provided beautiful views of downtown Branson and Lake Taneycomo.  I am warning you that my daughter did not want to stop riding and I couldn’t really blame her, it was pretty awesome. They do offer an unlimited ride bracelet which is easier on the wallet.2015-09-18 17.41.39

We spent an entire day at the Shepherd of the Hills taking in all they offer. You can definitely spend a day there taking in the beautiful scenery and doing many of the activities. The destination is centred around Harold Bell Wright’s novel The Shepherd of the Hills. After some panicking we city slickers enjoyed a one hour trail ride through the beautiful Ozark Hills. Our guides were a tremendous help especially since we had limited riding experience. We also took the Historic Homestead Tour where you visit Old Matt’s Cabin, the original home of the book’s main character. The tour was informative and fun for children as well as adults. You can also take a glass elevator up to the top of Inspiration Tower which is 230 feet tall and offers breathtaking views. You can also zipline from the Tower on the Vigilante Extreme Ziprider if you are brave and old enough!


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