Maze Racers

I am always looking for a new board game to play with my kids that truly teaches them a craft or lesson.  A new game from Fox Mind called Maze Racers is just that game.  Here is the situation: two maze walls, 2 players (or teams of 2 for 4 players total) and 76 maze walls per person/team.  You then have the full reign to create a custom, super creative and of course tricky maze that your opponent will not be able to get their marble out of!  From beginning to end, the game is a race against time; as soon as the first player or team finishes building their maze, the opponent has just 1 short minute left to finish theirs.  Next, you trade maze walls, and see who can finish first!  Best 2 out of 3 rounds wins the game.  We played this game today; we are a family of four that split into two teams.  The competition was truly on and our mazes I must say were impressive.  We laughed and raced and had a great hour of creative fun!  I would totally recommend this game to anyone with children 8 and up (my six-year-old did play along however needed help with designing the maze).  If you wanna get more advanced and fancy, you can download the advanced maze cards on the company’s website and then each player/team randomly selects a card and must build that maze wall.  The game retails for $39.95; grab one for a terrific holiday gift.  For more info please visit

maze racer 1 maze racer 2

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