Precision Knives

Perfect for the culinary genius on your holiday list are beautiful “Precision Knives” by Edge Of Belgravia.  We are loving this sleek collection designed by London’s Christian Bird.  These knives have stainless steel blades that are super easy to sharpen making each cut like the first one.  I adore the price point (the set runs about $75.00 USD) due to the use of a lesser expensive steel.  I say we were the winners; these knives are our kitchen favorite!  The set comes complete with four knives (chef, bread, deba and paring).  The “chefs knife”sure to be used the most for everyday kitchen use.  My husband loves how comfortable the instrument is in your hands for fast, safe slicing action.  The “deba”, like traditional Japanese salmon knives, is ground only on side for a smooth and clean-cut every time and perfect for cutting fishes, fruits and veggies.  The “bread knife” is perfectly serrated to keep your favorite breads airy and delicious.  Finally, the “paring knife” completes the package being great for the smallest jobs in your kitchen.  The entire set is an asset to our collection.

With our kids always around, we needed a safe place to store these new knives.  Edge of Belgravia’s “Black Diamond” knife block is a work of art for your counter.  Also designed by Christian Bird, it is angled expertly for easy removal.  It holds 11 knives total and retails for around $95.00.  I think my favorite part of the entire collection is simply how beautiful it is.  Please visit for more information.

precision knives 2 precision knives

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