Brightbox to brighten ones day

Brightbox is the bright idea of making gift box for nearly every occasion to brighten up your loved ones days. ( Do you see what I did there with the word brighten? )


They are cute boxes and that’s the point. They are not necessarily on the theme of specific holiday, but the overall theme of brightening your day. And isn’t that all the matters some time.I also loved that they had boxes for seems like: self-care. I could easily think of quite a few people I would buy the self care box for. Am I allowed to buy myself a box? 

You can jump on the site, and write a custom note and brighten someone’s day immediately.  

I love that they’re extremely affordable and quite customizable. But I absolutely love their overall theme. They look pretty, they look happy, and they just make me want to smile.

Plus one of the interesting things I saw is that they really focus on the theme even for the corporate gifts. I know I have work for companies where the boss really cares about you and I feel like in the corporate world having a brightbox could make a bit of a difference.