A Bronx Tale The Musical

The musical version of A Bronx Tale is playing at the intimate Longacre Theater in New York from July 10 – Sept. 3, 2017.

A Bronx Tale was originally a one-man show that was adapted to film in 1993. Now, the film’s director, Robert De Niro, and the original stage director, Jerry Zaks, have come together to adapt the story once again. The music, written and composed by Glenn Slater and Alan Menken, was creative and catchy. It wasn’t done just for the sake of being a musical. It stood strong on its own, and there was even a song about Nicky Machiavelli.

The set was well thought out. The street sign in particular caught my attention. It really reflected how the neighborhood was a central theme of the story. I liked how it would flip to wherever they were.

The cast was amazing! Hudson Loverro, who played young Calogero, was especially impressive with his dancing and deep voice. The regular Calogero was played by Bobby Conte Thornton, Sonny was played by Nick Cordero, Lorenzo was played by Richard H. Blake, and Jane was played by Ariana DeBose.

It was fun comparing the musical to the movie. The musical kept the same story theme and moral. How do you reconcile being taught the same lessons in vastly different ways by two very different father figures, one a criminal and the other, an honest man? The best part for me was that they included Calogero and Jane’s date. I love how Calogero checks to see if she is one of the “great ones.”

Of course, the musical and the movie aren’t exactly the same, but I don’t want to spoil it. You really should see it for yourself. As I said, the music was well done, and overall, seeing A Bronx Tale was a wonderful experience.

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