Why I am annoyed about kids snacks today vs when my kids were toddlers

Seriously; there was like one aisle and three shelves of cool stuff for my adorable toddler to eat/drink a few years back when my kids were 9 months to 4 years old.  I choose a brand I trusted and that was that.
I was in the supermarket today as a small experiment since we got in a product I wanted to try out and I wanted to cross reference the brand with others.  This is now an entire section with so many choices I couldn’t believe it.  You have your tried and true brands, the organic, gluten-free, vegan and those that cater to all different sorts of allergies/special needs.  I was beyond impressed with the evolution.  I was also really impressed with the products we tried out.   Happy Family Brands I learned is run by a mom who really covered all the bases.  These are organic and truly wholesome products to feed baby, toddler and kids.  I used to never give my kids something I hadn’t tried myself (I even tried strained spinach….yuck) and today was no different.  First, we explored “super-food puff” in two flavors: strawberry & beet and kale & spinach.  I know.. the scary beet and kale but these were yummy!  The perfect level of sweet; they are gluten-free and great for baby as they learn to swallow and digest foods.  “Multi-Grain Alphabet Snacks” are adorable ABC cookies that flavored in amazing combinations like “cinnamon/sweet potato/flaxseed” and “vanilla oat”.  They tasted good and well…they can start learning the letters of their name.  Their “super food pouches” are great for lunch boxes and daycare bundles.  I chilled the few styles we received and both kids did a taste test.  They willingly ate all these great veggies without one problem.  Finally, and I am not afraid to admit it LOVED their “fruit & oat bars”.  Great for kids, gluten-free and zero preservatives but they won’t get another one.  I am taking the ones we have left to work!  Really delicious products for all ages that quite honestly hand over servings of the best stuff for you.  So glad we tried them!

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