Brookstone PhotoShare Digital Smart Frame

Due to the pandemic, we have to limit who we are seeing and with that comes the feeling of “missing out” on our loved ones and what we are all doing.  I know in our family we really haven’t seen much of my mother and it really is a sad thing.  I feel like she is missing seeing my kids do everything and even though we only have tiny milestones these days, she can’t come with us to those anyhow.  I got my hands on the Brookstone Photoshare Digital Smart Frame and had this great feeling come over me.  That I could send this to my mother, have her set up a quick account through a free app on her phone/device, connect to WiFi and then I can easily share pics each day to her frame.  She can watch them in a running slide show from the comfort and safety of her home and be “where we are” and at “what we are doing” pretty much in real time.  Now that is simply AMAZING and very appreciated especially in these scary times.

The frame is a beautiful espresso wood and like I mentioned before was set up in minutes.  The screen is HD and touchscreen; so much better than frames of the past.  The app is simple to set up an account and you can use google photos to very easily facilitate the upload.  I actually think you can send 50 photos at a time which is both insane and impressive.  8, 10 and 14 inch options are available so you can have a great “smart” frame to fit whatever spacing your room allows for.

This is a great birthday, Mother’s Day, or just even “Hey we can’t see you but miss you” kind of gift!  Cost is super reasonable at around $120 and up.