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We all do this in January; try to make self-improvements.  Today, I actually walked the HS track in my town wearing like 100 layers just to get some fresh air and steps in.  I’m hoping I can keep it up and not be a quitter. I am also checking out the great products from Nucific this week – these are sure to get you on the right track.

Bio X-4

Bio X-4 is my new best friend.  This supplement legit curbs cravings, promotes weight management, and helps with digestion.  There is serious probiotic power going on here; ingredients you see in green tea and so much more!  Each bottle is about $99.00 – if you buy them in bulk you save money.  All you have to do is take one supplement with each meal and it will truly help how you process and break down your food.

Moro Slim

Moro Slim is this great all-natural supplement that you just mix into your glass of water ( you can even sprinkle it in your cereal).  It has a nice orange taste; not gross like so many other powder mix-ins.  It is designed to help you control your own body, and block fat, sugars, and cravings the safe way.  One (30) serving container will cost you $31.00. Again, you can save money if you purchase more than one at a time.  You will see results in about a week and a half.

Morning Boost

Now my absolute favorite – check out Morning Boost.  I am loving starting each day with some superfoods like wheatgrass, chlorella, and spirulina.  Probiotics and antioxidants are mixed in and you have yourself a real wellness drink.  My digestion is so much better, my energy is up and I am even losing some weight.  You will love this product too; it has a nice apple flavoring.  It costs about $75.00 a container.

Nucific offers other amazing supplements/products too!  Check them out!






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