Gifts I Wanted For Valentine’s Day More Than Flowers

Okay, seriously, flowers die.  I don’t need them any more. I’m a woman of function.  I feel like presents should be things we want, but wouldn’t buy ourselves. So for Valentine’s Day, don’t but us flowers, but buy us things that are actually really cool but we wouldn’t buy for ourselves.

Luxor Linens’ Bali Bamboo Sheet

These sheets are so soft and so comfortable. But that said, I wouldn’t normally buy them for myself.  I just usually will buy the crappiest sheets because I’m pretty self loathing.

These sheets on the other hand love the earth and are bamboo and wonderful.











MasterChef Chocolate Fondue Set


There are two reasons I wouldn’t normally buy this for myself but really want it.

First, I’d argue that chocolate is bad for you and the moment on the lips thing.

Secondly, I hate the whole process of heating up the chocolate, but  that’s why I took the weird photo that I did.  This thing has it’s own heater. I don’t have to heat up anything on the stove, it’s all done and easy.

So the chocolate reason, well that’s solved as it’s valentine’s Day. And for the second reason I was wrong so that’s weird.















Philips GoZero Smart Bottle

This is a water bottle which is precisely the reason I wouldn’t normally buy it. I could just picture my mother yelling at me saying “It just holds water, what’s the point!?!?!” but the point is this does more than hold water.

It’s first of all has a cute little recharging feature and actually blasts the contents with UV Light so it is essentially self cleaning.

Plus, it’s sturdy as hell and looks great so that’s awesome too.