Brushalot: Tale of the Tooth Fairy


If you have little kids and they give you the struggle of never wanting to brush their teeth, you might want to check out Brushalot: Tale of the Tooth Fairy!

This package includes a gorgeous hard cover book, which explains “Prince Plaque” and his attacks on white teeth!  Your child will learn quickly that this means that not brushing your teeth will lead to plaque build up, and your smile won’t look pretty and white!

It also comes with a cute stuffed horse with a saddle, to place lost teeth in for the tooth fairy to come get! And last but not least, a tooth shaped night light! When you first get your package, read your child the book and you have instantly taught them the importance of brushing.   In the book, after the character “Nick” heard the story, he immediately went to brush his teeth, which is hopefully what your child will be encouraged to do too! When they lose their first tooth, and many more to come after, they can place the tooth into the stuffed horses saddle, and turn on their night light so the tooth fairy knows when to come! This will be a fun way for your kids to learn, and will make them want to brush on their own!  The cost is $43 and a great gift!  

Create a fun tradition for your little ones and celebrate brushing, good hygiene and the tooth fairy’s arrival!