Nuvo – Personal Air Cleaner

I feel like we need to prepare for everything in the age of Covid. I’m not paranoid, but I do think being healthy and clean isn’t a bad thing. The Nuvo Traveler is a personal air cleaner that can help clean the air when you’re in a plane, traveling in the car, or really any tight personal space.


Why do I love the Nuvo?

I love the fact that it performs 8 air chargers an hour in any personal area of 100 square feet. That’s basically 8 air changes an hour in your car, your plane seat, or even your remote We-Works.   In fact, I could easily see this as a standard in remote work environments.

Do you have to change the Nuvo’s Filter?

There is no filter which makes this quite good on the budget.  With ultraviolet radiation, it’s basically blasting the area with light killing 99.9% of the viruses and mold and the bacteria in the air. Plus, if you have a stinky car as I do with diapers, this will kill off quite a bit of the smell.

Who is the Nuvo a good gift for?

The Nuvo is perfect for that on-the-go mom or dad. If you work in a remote office, or you’re traveling this can be quite the lifesaver.  Plus, with it’s four-hour battery, you can handle quite a few flights without even breaking a sweat crossing most of the country.


Where can I buy it?

You can buy the Nuvo on amazon or their website.

Overall, what do you think of the Nuvo?

The Nuvo is going to become a standard of devices for travelers. Just like we always carry our phone battery, I can easily see us all carrying around an air cleaner for all travel.

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