The Neck Wand XL

Since we are getting towards the New Year (thank the Lord) and our minds are all on self-improvement, it was super fitting that I was offered the amazing opportunity this week to check out the New Wand XL from Spencer Barnes LA.  This is the companies newest edition and basically an all-in-one product that deals with skin aging head on with zero surgery.  These days; who wants to even go for a facial let alone have surgeries.  You are actually treating yourself to a neck lift all while you sleep.  This wand melts fat under your chin, boosts collagen to minimize lines and wrinkles, creates new skin cells, reduces age spots (you will even be able to use less makeup) and will basically reshape your jaw, chin and neck.  You will actually see results within a few weeks to a month – I’m addicted already and I just started!

Here is all I am doing; it couldn’t be easier.  I wash and dry my face.  I then apply to the jawline, neck and chin.  That. Is. It.  For even better results, grab the original neck, chin and jawline sculpting wand in the morning and during the day.  This product is luxury; it contains fruit extracts, seed extracts and coffee bean extracts along with Vitamin C and triple peptides.  If you want even better results, check out the original Neck, Chin, & Jawline Sculpting Wand in the morning alongside the XL.

This amazing product is available on their website and also Amazon.