I need to stop eating Christmas Cookies and get healthier.  I make 5 and eat 2.  My New Years resolution (once again) is to get outside and hit the pavement, the school track; whatever will help me shed these pounds.  I love to listen to my MP3 music as I go but I cannot stand how my ear buds fall out and/or get tangled.  “BudStraps” actually solve this problem in an instant!  I was thrilled to give this a try!  Basically, the strap holds your ear buds in place and stops them from falling while you run, walk, work out or use the treadmill!  The strap is made of super comfy and moisture wicking materials so sweat is not a worry.  I really feel like there is nothing at all on my neck.  I actually feel like I look “super gym ready” and that I know what I am doing (LOL)  The strap can even fit under your clothing collar so no worries if you use ear buds at work too!  In an instant, “BudStraps” have taken what I found annoying and distracting while exercising completely out of the equation.  For more information please visit http://budstraps.com.  They are also available on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/BudStraps-Flex/dp/B010GKBKJS.  They retail for around $10.00 making them an excellent stocking stuffer for the “gym rat” or workout lover in your life!


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